The Taphouse Cabal  

Official IRC network of the SubGenius Foundation™

It all began one evening over many adult beverages in a bar called the Taphouse Grill.

Three patrons, enjoying their beer, decided to form a super-seekrit society whose aim (it would appear), was to experience and celebrate all the effects of drunkeness. Taking for themselves the secret latin motto "Bibere, Pervertere, Caedere" which they were certain meant something clever, these brave souls then went on to spread their message of whatever it was far and wide.

Born of too much Drink, the Taphouse Cabal meandered it's way through the IntraWeb, settling at last on an IRC network protocol that encourages, amongst other things, freethought, black humor, white Russians, good beer, and bad jokes.

How to Connect

The round robin for the servers is If your IRC client supports quicklinks, you can click here. If you wish to connect manually, you may do so using port 6667. If you wish to connect using SSL, (using port 6697) the instructions for doing so can be found here. You may also connect using the web interface, here.

About Taphouse IRC is an IRC network based on the Unreal IRCd project. We offer the option for private and secure connections utilizing 256-bit encryption, cloaking and virtual hostnames, as well as various services (NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, BotServ, HostServ, HelpServ).

There are presently four servers linked for your convenience, with room for 10000+ simultaneous users. Innovative channel options offer automated flood protection and channel encryption, for your demanding "plain text" needs.

Rules and Regulations

There are no specific rules governing this server besides being anti-spam and anti-open proxy, however, if you have attracted the attention of law enforcement, don't think for one minute that we will sacrifice our network to protect a small group of users. Read into that what you will.

Taphouse Cabal Badge